Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Criticism of style

Since going home for Christmas and speaking to various friends I have realised how judgemental people can be when it comes to style and fashion. I recently got asked the question: “What do you wear to University? Abercrombie and Fitch?” and I immediately replied: “God I would get death stares if I wore anything like that” this was the exact reply I gave when asked about Ugg boots. After this I realised I kept getting asked questions like this and started to find myself saying the same thing: “Oh no everyone would judge me” and I’ve now started to irate myself because unconsciously I am becoming forced into not wearing fashions that I actually find very comfortable.
The fashion industry is very elitist and quick to judge, however why do 18 year olds have the right to criticise one another’s clothes especially when they are not seen as superior within the industry. What with the rise of trends and global takeover of fashion, the world has become very fashion conscious and stereotyped. For instance a person who sees themselves as a ‘hipster’ says: “They wouldn’t be caught dead in Uggs.” Is this because they don’t find them attractive or is this more likely because Ugg’s has become associated with the ‘chav’ scene? Over the years it has become much less about personal style and much more about fitting into the right crowed and the stereotypical interests of it. A few nights ago a friend of mine said: “People are too judgemental about other people’s styles. Yes you may not like what a certain person is wearing but that does not mean they are any less fashionable than you, that’s just their style” and I thought this was such a good saying. Perhaps the world needs to stop being so pedantic about what other people are wearing and focus more on their style instead of trying to follow the heard because essentially fashion is about freedom.

I'm back

Hey, sorry for my absence these last couple of months have been an absolute blur to me what with University deadlines and catching up with friends and family at Christmas, but now having started University again I’m back in action. Keeping following as there will be many more posts to come.