Monday, 18 February 2013

River Island Sandals

This whole sitting around and not being allowed to do anything but rest is really getting me down. I can't concentrate, my emotions are all over the place and I'm addicted to Candy Crush on my IPhone. I mean seriously addicted, first it was 4 pics 1 word but I've completed that and now my weakness is Candy Crush.

So as you all know I've been constantly refreshing to see all the photos of the latest show's at LFW and they have been truly amazing especially Burberry Prorsum mainly due to my addiction with animal print. Oh I've noticed also whilst being ill I do have an addictive personality as shown above.

Catching up on all the goings on at LFW and seeing my friends exploring it and working at it also does make me slightly depressed that I can't join them. What I would do to be at LFW. So last night after getting way to emotional in my pyjama’s (I have been wearing pj combos for a very long time now) I hit . For the past couple of days my eyes, whilst not being transfixed on LFW and Candy Crush have been lusting over these certain pair of sandals. Now I'm one of those shoppers were I'll find something I love but then I'll ponder over it for ages, tormenting myself about my bank balance until the garment goes out of stock. Yesterday was not going to be one of those moments, well it kind of was because I literally had the River Island tab on my computer open for the whole day but at quarter to ten last night I purchased them. 3-5 working days and those chunky black buckled sandals will be mine. All I need to do now is get better so I can actually wear them. I may still be ill but these sandals are definitely making me happy and the thought of opened toe shoes are making me even more excited for summer.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

London Fashion Week Day 1


Being ill is becoming very tiresome now. All I do is sit and lie down and lie down and sit with the odd occasional walk to the tap to refill my water bottle. As I sit, I flick through my Twitter news feed. Now what can be more depressing when you’re ill? Seeing the updates of Fashion Week or seeing the opportunities people are getting. I can’t help but feel jealous about the people attending London Fashion Week, I literally want to muster all the strength I have and haul my duvet with me just to experience the amazing plethora of fashion at Somerset House. Sadly my strength remains pretty much lack lustre and I linger on my sofa watching endless hours of TV and updating my Twitter feed every two seconds, so at least it feels like I’m witnessing the eye catching moments of Fashion Week as if I am actually there.
Here are my favourite looks from Day 1:



Every show was an absolute creative delight, showcasing the different inspirations and techniques of all designers. The industry just keeps on getting stronger and more inspiring each season.


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bright Colours

It's safe to say I've been well and truly sucked into the neon faze of S/S 13. Despite staring out of my window into the cold grey sky, I can’t help but lust over bright colours even if the weather does look like something out of Narnia. As I sit and dream of the summer, the future does appear bright. Colours can change your mood, whenever I feel lack lustier my clothes appear to be more wintery ranging from black to grey, but a pop of optimism in the form of colour definitely does lift your mood.  
 The way I’m feeling at the moment- ill, emotional and very drab, my mood is definitely in need of a pick me up. If I need sunglasses to look at the colourful clothes then they are definitely going straight into my shopping basket. So goodbye to this dreary, freezing winter and hello to the highs of summer, as long as I’m wearing neon and I’ve got a cocktail in my hand I know the sun will shine, well we can only pray, this is England after all.






Underwear as Outerwear

The bedroom used to be the only place where underwear was seen; private quarters for your intimate lacy garments to sneak out, until Vivienne Westwood plastered lingerie over everyday sweatshirts in her 1982 Buffalo collection. Before this a slip of bra strap was seen as inept- god forbid the exposure of an actual bra. Symbolizing sexual power and inspired by the late 1970’s punk fashion, underwear as outerwear has eroticized the catwalks, but in a more look but don’t touch fashion instead of Ann Summers men’s fantasy- so hands off boys.
The corset, which was originally deemed as a symbol of oppression in the early 20thcentury has become utilized as fashionable outerwear, empowering women with thanks to Lycra and elastic in the 1980’s. Jean Paul Gaultier’s provocative collections, which birthed from Westwood’s anti-fashions continually tried to normalize the unexplored. His obsession over the corset, which comes from the love of his grandmother’s salmon pink lace up stays, has fuelled his constant return to the boudoir for inspiration.

Even though Gaultier appears to have championed this concept, his celebrated conical bra corset worn by Madonna in 1990 bears resemblance to YSL’s black beaded conical breastplate gown in his 1967 African Collection. New York Fashion Week S/S13 saw Francisco Costa revitalize this avant-garde look with sculptured dresses in marshmallow white and liquorice black revealing circular conical brassieres.

In the 80’s this trend represented the uproar of street style and club fashion. However, with the boom of the burlesque scene in the 21st century and the erotic fantasies of the ’50 Shades of Grey’ trilogy, underwear as outerwear has once again sexually charged the runways with skin baring becoming the hottest trend. D&G featured 50’s style bralets and raffia corsets while Dior’s S/S10 sexually exposed a purple satin slip ‘dress.’
The original anti-aesthetic now appears to be uncovering a more reserved noir romance as seen in Jason Wu’s S/S13 collection. Infusing lace and leather with sheer sheaths and lacy elegant bandeau’s Wu created a respectable style instead of a scandalous scene. To recapture this cheeky honoured concept, we should look to Westwood’s saying of “fashion is about eventually being naked.”


Thursday, 7 February 2013

Sick Day

Tomorrow marks my third week of lying on this sofa and also the third week without chocolate. I don't know how I have done it- seriously I've gone from chocoholic to tee-total, this is not out of my own choice obviously, not by all means, it’s because of my glandular fever diet, so basically, I live off of fruit and vegetables with the odd yoghurt. I forgot to add it also marks the number of days I have been wearing PJ's give or take the odd day that I decided to wear jogging bottoms instead of my onsie. There is definitely some unwritten code that the minute you get ill is the minute you slip into something comfy, whereby it just makes your whole body want to slump down on the sofa with a duvet.

So as I spend my days watching numerous films and countless episodes of cooking shows I find myself searching through online shopping pages, but the only thing that strikes me is what's the point of buying these amazing heels or jumper when all I'm going to be doing for the next month is wearing my PJ's. What I should really be looking at is PJ's and not wedged heels, because let's be honest the Doctor is hardly going to let me out for a night and the only place I would wear these heels is combined with my dressing gown on my sofa.

So here’s the reality of my life at the moment:

1)      I’m going to watch LFW catwalk shows on my laptop while wearing my PJ’s

2)      I’m going to flick through fashion magazines while wearing my PJ’s

3)      I’m going to attempt to do my work while wearing my PJ’s

4)      I’m going to nurse myself back to health whilst wearing my PJ’s


What I really want to do is hit confirm and purchase these amazing new post box red platforms from Topshop and strolling to uni in this monochrome polka dot shirt from Zara, but that dream will sadly remain unpaid in my shopping basket.
Topshop - Platform Heels
Zara- Blouse
Instead here’s to buying more PJ’s and slipper socks, if anyone else is ill out there share your latest sick style and lets all slump together.

Here’s my latest favourite nightwear that I’ve found so far
Selfridges- Red Birds of Paradise Robe
Topshop- Snow White and Dwarfs PJ Set
Topshop- Blue Oversized Solgan PJ Top
Next- Soft Onsie
Topshop- 'I Heart Bed' Slogan PJ Set

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Sorry for the absence

I'm sorry for my lack of posting lately- January has definitely been very chaotic. The year started off extremely sadly with some heart breaking news and then quickly moved on to me ending up in hospital with acute tonsillitis and glandular fever. Still feeling like death and not being allowed to do anything for a few months due to my severe tiredness and lack of energy my diet has also been completely transformed. Where should I start my list? I’m not allowed chocolate, high fat foods, too much tea/coffee, too much bread and definitely no alcohol so where does that lead me to? A diet overdosing in fruit and veg and herbal tea, on the plus side I’ve become very fond of camomile tea. So what with drinking three litres of water a day and being pumped with vitamins my skin should be flawless but sadly what with taking penicillin for the past two weeks the affects haven’t been great and my face is let’s say a patchy beetroot. So my weeks of recovery will consist of endless hours of Come Dine with Me and fashion research as I can’t do anything else.

Despite having such a horrible January it did end on a happy note as my family have bought a new puppy. After the death of my beloved border terrier Alfie in September and the family being very lonely without him we are so happy to introduce this new little fluff ball into our lives. I would like you all to meet Boris the Poochon. I can’t wait to bring him home in the next three weeks. So here’s to happier February.