Friday, 26 April 2013

The Future Vintage

Here is some of my articles I wrote for The Future Vintage I hope you like them. Also you can check out the full magazine here: TFV





Finally a glimpse of Summer

After months of being ill, bed ridden to the point of no return and a dressing gown that was worn far too often that I could be mistaken for a ball of candyfloss but take away the sweetness because I was very bitter I am finally starting to feel slightly human. Make up has returned to my face and everyday clothes have returned instead of my combination of jogging bottoms and over-sized hoodies. To make me feel even better the sun has finally come out. We have moved out of the drudge of the winter that over stayed its welcome, just like I have moved out of the dreary hell of glandular fever. This will sound cheesy but as The Only Way is Essex say "the only way is up" and I feel that it definitely is, all we need now is for the sun to stay.
As the sun sat high in the sky shinning glamorously over Britain that needed a well needed pick me up I was only going to Matalan and The Range with my Mum but I thought why not get dressed up. It is true your clothes really do reflect your mood because whilst I've been ill all I've been wearing is black, black, more black and oh your slight tone of grey but now I'm bursting at the seems with colour and style. Thank god I'm finally back and I can say goodbye to the moody woman in black that I have been for a very long time. I say this but when I went out with my Mum I did wear some black but I wasn't drenched in it (baby steps people) I'll phase it out soon enough, needless to say I did buy a bright orange skirt so we can make a rainbow out of me yet. I have to say though the best thing that I was wearing was actually in fact the dark colour itself and it was my River Island heeled sandals. Finally the weather is the right temperature for open toed shoes, no more hiding in the box, no more slipper socks on my feet because these buckled beauties at last got an outing and I must say I did feel slightly glamorous when I was strolling around the bed linen in Matalan.

Top- Primark  | Trousers- H&M | Belt- Primark | Sandals- River Island | Bag-Zara | Bracelet- Turkey | Sunglasses- H&M

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Up and coming designer- Divya Thompson

“I haven’t slept properly in 36 hours” is definitely the sound of a determined fashion designer. This 23 year old- Divya Thompson is far from your typical student who is glued to Facebook, with pizza congealed beside them and Jeremy Kyle heckling in the background. Instead Thompson has already done internships at Erdem and Minna and a fashion course at City College Coventry. No wonder she is tired.
Thompson’s talent for womenswear emerged when she assisted the designing of her fifth birthday dress. Her desire to design pushed her to move from the Lake District and attend UCA in order to make fashion into something she wanted it to be.
In a commercialised and trend fixated industry, Thompson derives away from this: “I don’t like to go along with something just because it’s the thing of the moment; it has to have some story behind it- that to me is more stimulating.” She wants fashion to be “timeless instead of that throw away fashion culture…it needs to have more of a conscience.”
Finding most of her inspiration from her love of art and strong persona’s, Thompson became inspired by the “pain and passion” of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo who was held together by the strength within her after her movability was impeded after a tragic accident. Thompson’s textile based graduate collection embraces the ‘lavish indigenous dress’ of this pain-stained artist and touches upon the sentiments of Kahlo’s biographical paintings and her diary is to be made into a print; “the way I work is about creating a story and I want to celebrate Kahlo’s female strength.”  Later stating: “the media tend to show women in a negative light when they should be positive to young women.” So what’s next for Thompson- creating a brand and a story for the young women of today on only a couple hours of sleep?