Sunday, 4 November 2012

Carrie Bradshaw

Twitter is a social portal where we all go to stalk, communicate and find out information. For a while now I have been following the fictional Sex and the City style queen character Carrie Bradshaw. Apart from her witty lifestyle advice on "you can make anything you do classier with a glass of wine in your hand" and "don't cry go shopping and get over it" she also comments on the essence of fashion and style. Today while scrolling mindlessly through pointless tweets I came across a Carrie Bradshaw original tweet: "style is a way to say who you are without having to speak." People may say don't judge a book by its cover yet we all seem to analyse peoples clothes and the way they have styled themselves. For instance a man in a smart tailored suit with expensive shoes may reveal that he is a well groomed man, who is intellectual and takes pride in his appearance, while teenagers in hoodies have become stereotypically renowned for being trouble makers. As a result, style is seen as a portal to everyone’s personalities.

Friday, 2 November 2012

The end of fashion

2012 brings us to the climatic point at which we worry whether or not the world is actually going to end. Everything has a cycle and soon that cycle fades away into non-existence. Just like the cycle of life, fashion has its own cycle with trends continually changing.

Fashion is elusive and keeps moving; especially with the growth of technology it has become a multi-functioning industry which changes rapidly. Icon Iris Apfel comments on how fashion “reflects what’s going on in the world, the economy, sociology and the psychology of a certain period.” In centuries past we have seen the ground-breaking fashion moments of the decades, what with the rise of the mini skirt and the removal of the corset. Each of these moments reflects the historical changes of the decades, for instance the emancipation of women and the ‘youthquake’. We have now come to a period of time whereby all these profound moments have already taken place and we are now recycling the times that have gone by. Sunbathing, the craze of the 1930’s still predominately exists, yet the 21stcentury now offers the smell of Britain which is fake tan.

Fashion use to slowly evolve from decade to decade, allowing people to rebuild their wardrobes slowly. However, now fashion changes so fast that our wardrobes have become a jumble of mixed up decades. Fashion uses to be seen as elite, whereas now, what with the quick reaction of high street stores, designer clothes appear to be a scam and a rip off.

Are we now living in a sinking industry that relies on the past and doesn’t look to the future? What is the 21stcentury? Moschino’s s/s 13 collection is a revival of the swinging 60’s, again looking back to the past. Has innovation died?


"In the regular world, Halloween is when children dress up in costumes and beg for candy. In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it."- Mean girls
Sadly for Halloween I did not conform to this famous teen quote, perhaps because it was freezing outside. So instead of opting for the standard sexual approach I decided my new glittery disco pants were the best option, up until I actually entered the nightclub and realised I was overheating.
To make myself appear scary I covered my neck in fake blood and I found that when it dried it created cracks and peeled (my neck has never looked so disgusting.) If anybody needs any recommendations for fake blood that can be easily washed off I would highly recommend Clinton Cards fake blood which was only 50p when I bought it- bargain!
My makeup which my housemate did for me was dark in order to create a mysterious and evil feel. Even though my makeup was supposed to be just for Halloween I actually really liked the large smoky dark eyes and may use it more often, perhaps I’ll leave off the spider web sticker though.
I love dressing up and Halloween is my favourite holiday for fancy dress, this is surprising considering I’m ridiculously scared of horror films and the supernatural. Despite not looking like a slut or having a pumpkin outside my house I did have a very good Halloween especially spending it with my best friends in Mayfair.
What did everyone else do for Halloween?
What did you all dress up as?


Thursday, 1 November 2012

The power of the glossy

Last weekend I went home again and my Mum and I had a conversation about magazines and as she began to say a list of the names: Vogue, Elle, OK, Look, Marie Claire it struck me about the power of the glossy. Studying fashion journalism has opened my eyes to a whole new range of fashion and culture magazines some of which I never knew existed. This made me begin to realize the power of the glossy magazines and that we allow ourselves to be trapped in the naivety of the media and fashion. If you are not a fashion fanatic you get dragged into the reality that Vogue is the best magazine and that everything you read in Heat is true.

Vogue and Elle may be elite magazines; nonetheless this does not mean that the power of fashion lies in their hands. For many readers they simply cannot afford designer clothes and reading Vogue is just a fantasy. Vogue is filled with glossy ads and wannabe lifestyles so why is the mainstream audience so hooked on this glossy magazine? Is it because of its status that it has achieved over the years? Is it because it is mainstream? Or is it due to society’s nativity? Due to this we become emerged in an almost fashion bubble where we believe fashion only exists in the like of Elle, Vogue, Look, Glamour and so on, while niche fashion magazines remain unnoticed.

 Perhaps by these magazines remaining undetected it makes fashion appear more mysterious and creative and this is why it is seen as elite. The power of the media has made our buying habits pick up Vogue magazine instead of exploring the niche markets, so our knowledge of the fashion industry becomes na├»ve and mainstream.

What is your favourite magazine?

Do you tend to buy the first one you see on the supermarket magazine shelf?

Friday, 26 October 2012

Boohoo Boots

I've spent the whole week lusting over my sister's boots which I saw last weekend and now I am currently in the state of student money blues- until today. While internet window shopping (which has made me even more depressed) I found a pair of boots similar to my sisters. The best part is they are nearly half the price. I always look on but never actually buy anything and I don't know why, yet after seeing these, a purchase maybe in the near future and when I mean near I mean over this weekend as there is currently 20% off all footwear until Sunday. Perhaps there is a student God who listens to my prayers.

What I like most about these boots is that there is the right amount of studs, the shoe isn't too cluttered and they don't look like cheap tacky knock offs. They are a good pair of boots at a really good price, you can't go wrong.
Oh no I've only go and spotted another pair of boots I like. They are similar to the Zara ones I have been obsessing over but again at a fraction of the cost. Boohoo you have saved my day and my bank balance.
On another note my stud obsession is getting out of hand.
Here's the link to my post which feature my sister's River Island boots

Outfit Lust of the Week

    I may be a student but at least I can lust over clothes I can't afford and dream of outfits that I wish were hanging beautifully in my wardrobe. Today as I sit slumped in bed trying to nurse my cold away and catching up on the latest fashion comings and goings I find myself scrolling through internet shopping websites, well should I say internet window shopping and conjuring up outfit ideas in my head. Here's an outfit I put together, now I just need the bank balance to cover it.
What do you all think of it?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

H&M new buys

Yesterday when I visited the Little Black Jacket Exhibition and went to Camden I popped into H&M. One thing I love about the Camden H&M store is the difference in clothes you find compared to a store for instance in Surrey. This store clearly target markets its Camden demographic and provides clothes which create a more edgy street wear look. I only went in there to look for a cheap beanie hat but on arrival I spotted sparkly disco pants (my absolute love at the moment) and a jumper- it was only £9.99 I couldn't resist. Despite my bank balance being unhappy at least my wardrobe is happy and being a fashion journalism student my clothes are very important- well that is what I keep telling myself anyway.
I wore my new jumper today paired with wet look leggings, my new beanie hat, a leather jacket and heeled Chelsea boots to complete my look.
Hat £3.99
Jumper £9.99
Trousers £14.99

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

The Little Black Jacket

After studying fashion journalism for more than a month now I decided to make the most of living near London and visited the Saatchi Gallery to see The Little Black Jacket Chanel exhibition with my friend. When we arrived at the gallery which is set in the beautiful gardens of Chelsea I knew we were going to have a good day, especially when we were allowed to take photos inside the exhibit. The photography was simple yet charismatic, the models all of which were celebrities, models, actors and actresses revisited the versatility of the classic Chanel black jacket and brought to life the essence of Chanel. While walking around admiring the photos I started to wonder how long it took Karl Lagerfield to create this exhibition and how he decided who to photograph.
Once seeing the exhibition we decided to venture to Camden. Having not been there in ages I forgot how cheap and different the town is to the rest of London. Wandering through the market stalls with my senses filled with the smell of Chinese food and incense it was a perfect end to my day especially when my craving for Chinese food got fulfilled as I sat eating a mound of noodles and chicken by the lock. Its times like this when I'm glad I live so close to London and the abundance of style it cultivates- from Chelsea and classic Chanel to Camden and quirky finds you'll always find style.
My day can only be summarized by the famous Chanel quote: "Fashion fades, only style remains the same."



Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Quote of my day

Recently, my Mum bought me a Anna Sui Fashion Ideas note book as a kind of late leaving present for university. So as I sat down to do some work today I thought I would put my new book to good use. When flicking through the decorated pages I noticed that scattered throughout the notebook were quotes from the fashion designer. Here is one which I feel epitomises my journey through university at the moment.



Daily Wear

Rushing to uni, terrified of being late for this particular lecturer as he may throw blue-tac at you or lock the door so you are left with the embarrassment of the whole auditorium staring at you I quickly get dressed. Having seen the dreary autumn day outside my window I decided to stick to autumnal colours. The standard tan colour. I paired by skirt with my trusty M&S black crop top, that is literally my saviour for every outfit, my new shoes (studded of course) and my leopard print skinny belt. I only wish it made my bloated stomach skinny. Feeling the cold air outside, I grabbed my oversized black scarf as I ran out the door in a hopefully stylish hurry.

Black crop top M&S
Tan pencil skirt Forever 21
Leopard print belt Primark
Leather jacket Primark
Shoes Primark
Scarf Primark
Skull ring Topshop

Home Time

Last weekend having spent 5/6 weeks at uni I decided to venture back home to Essex. Back to home comforts, back to my bed and back to home cooked food. As I lay snuggled on my sofa wrapped in a blanket like ol'times my sister strolled in wearing a new pair of studded River Island boots. Within an instant the blanket was off me and I was up staring at her new purchase as my eyes filled with jealously. What with my current boots falling apart and these new studded beauties gloating at me I couldn't help but calculate in my head if my student loan would stretch to buy these £75 boots. I then had to slap myself and wake up to the reality that I am actually student and can't afford luxuries like these. Oh well a girl can dream and I will definitely be dreaming about these boots. Perhaps I'll just have to sneak them in my bag when I next go home.
Black Studded Biker Boots £75

Monday, 22 October 2012

Quote of the Day

Have you ever heard something during your day that all of a sudden puts everything into perspective or inspires you? Well today while watching a documentary on Diana Vreeland, she pinpointed something that epitomizies fashion and style.
Do any of you have a quote which inspires you?

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Disco Pants

Since coming to University, living off a student loan and having to defend for myself I seem to find myself worrying about my weight. I suppose I have danced since the age of three and since stopping I find myself worrying about my changing body. Nothing is worse than feeling sluggish and uncomfortable in the way you look. So to sort out my confidence issues here comes the fitness DVD.

I love wearing crop tops and high waisted shorts and trousers but lately every time I try to wear something like this they just end up back in the wardrobe, until now. Recently my friend Katie got given disco pants from by her boyfriend for her birthday and I tried them on. WOW. Zipped and sucked in I felt like Sandy from Grease. My stomach became completely flat as the pants encased me and acted like a giant pair of spanxs (every girl's best friend.) Goodbye bloated stomach, goodbye low self-esteem and hello long, lean and flat me, now I can dance the night away just like Sandy from Grease while my exercise DVD's remain unused on my shelf.

Take a step back in time and groove your way to the highstreet to experience disco pants
   Topshop £30         Missguided £25.99      River Island £30

So after experiencing the disco pants I couldn't help but buy my own. I decided to buy the ones from Missguided. They are so comfortable to wear and it is true every time I put them on I just want to dance. All I need now is to dye my hair blonde and make it really curly and then I'll be Sandy. A girl can dream.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

The work begins

What with fresher's over, lazy days watching repeats over and introductions over its time to get down to work. This week I had my first presentation at university. The first opportunity for the whole of fashion journalism to sit and analyse you, so of course the pressure was on to look stylish.
My best friend Katie always tells me that I apparently have the style of Gossip Girl character Blaire and this is such an amazing comment-I only wish I had her bank balance to pull off her amazing style. I suppose you could say my lime green tweed Zara jacket is a tad Blairesque. I hope everyone is loving university life as much as I am
Tweed Jacket (Zara)
Belt (Bonnie and Clyde)
Shirt (H&M)
Leather Skirt (Forever 21)
Oversized bag (Zara)

Ha Ha Ha Halloween

Halloween is definitely a time of year when I wish I lived in America. It's surprising I hate horror films and am terrified of ghosts but I am fascinated when it comes to Halloween, perhaps it's just the costumes that make me get excited.
Since moving into our university house we have decided that it is haunted and I made matters worse when I decided to Google the deaths of our house and surprise surprise it's haunted.
So over the past few weeks my housemates and I have been freaking each other out and last week decided to scare eachother more by pulling pranks on each other in masks. Despite screaming the house down in the dark, these masks did get me excited for Halloween, I just want to start carving my pumpkin now.
What's everyone wearing for halloween?
Here are some of my ideas, what does everyone think?


Saving your pennies in Primark

Most criticized high street shop, the one shop which people say that they wouldn't be caught shopping in but yet everyone owns something from Primark whether it is underwear or a coat. So why is everyone always so critical of Primark? Is it the cheap quality or price that people find themselves turning their noses up? However, everybody loves a bargain. Whether its high end or high street if it's a decent item at a decent price then you can't go wrong. People need to focus less on the brand and more on what the item of clothing actually is. You can go to Topshop and buy the same necklace which would be in Primark for £10 less just because you don't want to be associated with Primark. It's not fear of fashion, it's fear of judgement. Open your eyes and take a look because the shop that you may all shy away from is actually similar to all the other shops. Forget about the connotations and run with an open mind, you may just find yourself saving a lot of money.
What do you all think of Primark?

Obsession Crush


Lately I have been absolutely obsessed with studs. I don't know whether it’s the fascination to its allusion of armour or how they instantly create an edgy style to any outfit.
What with the scattering of studs throughout the high street and runway you can't help but be transfixed by them especially Jeffery Campbell’s spiked and studded heels which have recently been appearing everywhere from high end to high street.
Some may find studs too 'bikeresque' yet they have been plastered across ultra-feminine garments, which take the trend from grunge to ladylike with a classic 'rocky' edge.
I love studs so much at the moment that I recently bought a bargain pair of studded shoes from Primark what do you all think?

Do any of you have a trend obsession at the moment?


Monday, 1 October 2012

Catwalk Uni

Goodbye hoodies and scruffy hair and hello to the pressure of dressing 'fashionably' for University.
There's something unwritten in my course that screams dress fashionably or perhaps that’s just my tutor as he critiques your outfit the minute you step through the door.
Despite stressing out looking in the mirror in the morning and trying on about fifty different outfits I do find that I can be more experimental with my outfits at university. Even though you would think that studying at a fashion university would be daunting, everyone has so many different styles that anything can be argued as 'stylish.' Whereas back home in Essex if you don't have the latest item of clothing which is on trend people will most likely judge you, or if you don’t  conform to the stereotypical Essex style you are seen as different. However, now I can dare to different, despite how cringy that may sound I feel that I can become more stylish and experimental at university.
I hope everyone is enjoying their time at university!