Monday, 29 July 2013

Cagecity Internship- OOTD'S


Top- H&M
Skirt- H&M
Sandals- H&M
Ankle Cuffs- EBAY

TOP- No label- originally a dance top I use to wear
Shorts- H&M
Waistcoat- NEW LOOK
Necklace- NEW LOOK
Sunglasses- PRIMARK
Sandals- PRIMARK 

July has been such a busy month, what with jetting off to Benicassim and Fabulous magazine whilst interning and working in my pub, so with regards to my CAGECITY ootd's I am very sorry and I will now get back on track with them.
This week has been a very busy week at CAGECITY indeed and newness hit the office in terms of models, bloggers, samples and handmade, basically everything just got crazy!

So here's what I wore for these crazy ass days. What with this sun we've been having and the slight tan I have at the moment, on Friday I whipped out my legs in this black lace skirt. Feeling quite wintery though I decided to don it with a yellow floral spaghetti strap top to brighten up my look and of course teamed it with my trusty gold bar belt. Paired with a pair of strappy black sandals and my new gold ankle cuffs which are my bargain of the month for roughly £2.50 I was good and summery to go. These ankle cuffs are brilliant, I first spotted them on Hannah Crosskey blogger for and found them so unique and they completely transformed a lack lustre shoe.
For our Sunday Shoot seen in my previous post, I decided to bare the mid-drift courtesy of my tanned stomach, but due to bloating I quickly grabbed on a pair of high-waisted black shorts to create a twin-set kind of feel. With the sun shining and not feeling like being the woman in black I added my new white tassel waistcoat. I spotted this for only £8 in the New Look sale and had to have it, it's a great twist to any summer outfit and what with the statement detail and tassels you can definitely jazz up and outfit with this which is perfect for when your feeling lazy but not so perfect when you trapped in things due to the tassels being quite long.
Keep up to date with my Cagecity OOTD and check out my blog every weekend for new posts.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cagecity Internship

After weeks of emailing and speaking to various very talented bloggers for CAGECITY finally the time came for our Sunday Shoot. With the big re-launch of Handmade garments happening at CAGECITY and all things new this has been the most exciting time at work especially with our new bloggers feature.
Today six lovely blogging ladies joined the CAGECITY gang for a day of style, photos and plenty of food and one heck of a rum punch. You know you've got some serious fashion girls when you go to meet them and see them lugging case loads of accessories up the stairs.
After so much preparation for this day it was so lovely to see it in action and to put faces to the bloggers I have followed for ages. All the girls had such unique style and it was very inspiring to see their take on some of CAGECITY'S much loved pieces and fresh new garments.
The day was very chilled and stylish with mounds of clothes and endless accessories but overall it was so lovely to see the bloggers have such enthusiasm for CAGECITY.
Thank you so much for coming girls me and the CAGECITY team loved you all, now I can't wait to get started on working on the feature.
Helena - Bell's Fashion
Sara - Waiste

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Benicassim Festival


I'M OFF TO BENICASSIM FESTIVAL! So tonight I travel down to my uni house to be reunited with my housemates before we jet off to Spain tomorrow. Apart from all the stressful booking and packing I am so excited. How am I even going to sleep tonight with this much excitement? The only thing that does scare me though is how am I going to cope camping in that heat for six days? AHHH HELP, wish me good luck, let's hope I don't die!
Adios readers and I will see you when I am back if I survive that is as I may have died from over heating or just from being a ridiculous fan girl haha.
 All that is left to say now is GET ME TO BENICASSIM.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Fabulous Magazine Work Experience


What a busy month I am having what with rushing around getting everything ready for Benicassim festival, working and interning but this week I took time off and interned at Fabulous. Having sent my CV in a month or so ago I thought it would just get lost in the many eager work experience peoples emails but a few weeks later I got an email confirming dates. Cue extreme excitement!
So on Monday morning I awoke extremely nervous and what with the weather's extreme heat I went into wardrobe panic mode. Safe to say my bedroom floor doesn't really exist after my marathon outfit week and several outfit decisions I had to make each morning. Nonetheless, on Monday having not had the chance to wear my new Topshop skirt I bagged in the sale I decided this was my chance, combined with my silk blue shirt and trusty gold bar belt I was good to go.

Having done a few work experiences in the past I still felt nervous as I set off with my IPhone in hand acting as my map which has been my absolute saviour even if I didn't know what way my phone should go for me to read it haha! As you can tell I clearly did not do the Duke of Edinburgh!
When I finally arrived at News International and made my way up to Fabulous Magazine I was greeted by the lovely staff. With it being such a massive company I was very nervous but that quickly went away when Mira the Fashion Assistant came to meet me and the other two work experience girls and showed us everything, especially the fashion cupboard which became like our baby throughout the week. It literally epitomised a baby- messy, overwhelming but mostly enjoyable. Now if your a fan of Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe like I am and your dream is to have your own walk in wardrobe(I have high expectations) you will be extremely jealous when you step inside the fashion cupboard like I was. Rails plastered head to toe with stunning new A/W garments I couldn't help but outfit lust over everything. When unpacking the new items each day I made a mental note of basically everything that needs to be in my shopping basket haha! I think it's safe to say I'm going to be needing to save up my money ASAP because my fashion addiction got a whole lot more stronger this week and ASOS you are going to be killing my bank balance with what is going to be hitting your site.

We had so much to do from day to day and with the quick turnovers from shoots and the mounds of items that came in the post each day we became inundated with new items and returns. I may have been drowning in clothes but that is kind of every girls dream.

With only doing a week at Fabulous due to going on holiday in a few days and my other internship with CAGECITY I thought I wouldn't get the chance to be involved with that much. But boy oh boy was I completely wrong. I got the chance to write up credits for shoots, do PR returns, answer emails, assist on shoots and help around the office. I would have been happy making tea all week, I just felt so privileged to be there.

The highlight of my week though had to be on Thursday when I got to assist on the Shopping Issue shoot with Fashion Director Tracey and Fashion Assistant Lara. Me and Daisy the other work experience girl (I was so happy to be with her) arrived at the Black Studio in Shadwell and quickly unpacked all the outfits and got to organising everything. Dressing the models and assisting was such a great opportunity and eating pizza and drinking tea with the lovely crew and models was definitely a moment that I will always remember. The day was long but was so enjoyable and the atmosphere was very energetic what with moving from one trend to the next with eight in total and when Blurred Lines came on in the background it wasn't only the models dancing.

Overall the week was so enjoyable and I felt honoured to be there behind the scenes of Fabulous. The fashion desk ladies made my time so lovely and the men in the post room definitely made my days even if they did laugh at my bad steering of the post trolley and setting off of the door alarm as I struggled to cope with the mounds of bags.
After finishing the week I'm even more eager to pursue my career and hopefully I'll be seeing the fashion desk ladies again ( I can only hope.) Thanks again Fabulous magazine for such an enjoyable week and for making me feel so welcome and thank you for my wonderful goodie bag I can't wait to use all my new products.

Take a look bellow at all my outfits for each day. I hope you like them and thank god my legs our out due to this beautiful weather but do excuse my pasty vampire skin it's been a long winter.
Shirt- H&M
Sandals- H&M
Bracelet- FOREVER 21
Sandals- PRIMARK
Necklace- BONNIE & CLYDE
Bracelet- FOREVER 21
Ring- FOREVER 21

Skirt- H&M
Sandals- PRIMARK
Necklace- TOPSHOP

Sandals- H&M
Bracelet- FOREVER 21
Sunglasses- PRIMARK

Top- H&M
Necklace- TOPSHOP
Trousers- PRIMARK
Sandals- PRIMARK





Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Liebster Blog Award

Thank you to the wonderful Eleanor who I met at the Company Blogging Forum for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award.

The Liebster blog Award is designed to give appreciation to bloggers who have under 200 followers and connect you with other up and coming bloggers.

The rules of the award are as follows:
1. Each nominee must answer the 11 questions set by the blogger who tagged them.
2. You must then create your own set of 11 questions that you will send out to 11 bloggers of your choice
3. The bloggers the you nominate must all have under 200 followers.
4. Link your nominees within your post .
4. Notify your nominees that you have tagged them.

My Questions from the lovely Eleanor from All Death by Diamonds:
1. Do you have a piece of clothing/pair of shoes that turns heads?
 I know everyone has them or similar versions but they are like my babies and I always get complements on them whenever I wear them. Due to their reasonable size block heel I can dress them up or down and they are very comfortable. What makes them better is that I bought them when I was very ill and they cheered me up so much. So thank you River Island for giving me these buckled beauties.
2. Describe a fashion "faux pas" that you have made in the past.
 I made quite a few when I was younger but who doesn’t? You think everything looks amazing when you’re a child, like combat trousers what was I ever thinking there? Did I think I was an army girl or something? Needless to say my fashion ‘faux pas’ that really sticks out in my mind has to be my bright pink ruffle dress. I initially bought it for a murder mystery party so fair enough it was ok for fancy dress but then I did wear it on holiday and to be honest looking back now it was disgusting. What was I thinking! That is most definitely in the car boot sale pile now!  
3. If you could only use one beauty product for the rest of your life, what would it be?
People always say my best feature is my eyes and I love highlighting them with Benefit high-beam. I always think it makes a complete difference to my face and make up if I don’t wear it. I would be lost with my little pot of wonder and it lasts so long which is even better- as you can tell from the state of the bottle. I actually got this as a freebie in Glamour magazine ages ago and it’s still going, so bright eyes for life for me!
4. What is your favourite high street shop/brand?
 I would definitely have to say H&M as my firm favourite. The clothes are such good quality and at such a reasonable price, I always know I’ll grab a steal in H&M and wear it for years to come. One thing that is very dangerous though is that there one next to my University so now you all know what I basically spend my student loan on haha! I would sacrifice food for a bit of H&M and that is saying a lot for me!
4. What would be your dream holiday destination?
 Take me to Hawaii please! I beg of you! I’m a sucker for sun, sea and sand add some cocktails and you’re on to a winner. I love the whole Hawaiian theme with tiki huts and hula dancing the whole place just looks so chilled and relaxing and the atmosphere just seems so friendly. Give me a flower garland around my neck and I’ll be on my way to Hawaii.
5. Recommend us a book!
I read this book quite a few years ago now but it is written so superbly and is very comical in a clever way from the perspective of Christopher Boone as 15 year old with Asperger’s syndrome even though the protagonist is young the book interests older readers due to the quality and sophistication of the writing and it’s unique voice of the narrator. A must read I have to say if you want a mystery and crime book with a complete difference.
6. What is your guilty pleasure?
It would have to be Come Dine with Me, I could sit there for hours on end and watch it. I love it so much just because of people’s egotistical attitudes towards their cooking skills when they are basically crap and the sarcastic narrator. When I was ill and would lie on the sofa dying for months and my family would come in from work every day and find me watching it. I think I’ve watched every episode now basically!
 7. If you could be any character (book/film) in the world, who would you be?
 If I had a sex change it would have to be Alan from The Hangover because let’s be honest he is the funniest person ever and is one cool guy. Let me just grab my satchel and I’ll pretend to be him for the day.  
8. Which item of clothing makes you feel good about yourself?
I’m ridiculously flat chested, basically I look like a 5 year old or much worse a boy but when I wear my French Connection black slit peplum dress it actually gives me cleavage due to its tight elastic material. Worn with a push up bra and bammm I have boobs. Also with the peplum detail it hides my bloated stomach so this dress is an absolute god send because it sucks you in and pushes you up.  It’s heaven in a dress and what’s better is that I bought it from Bicester Village so only paid £30 for it! What a bargain!
 9. What is your favourite song?
 This is a toughie but I do love Maxwell’s “This Woman’s Work.” Having danced all my life this dance always makes me bust out an emotional contemporary dance, I always find it so moving. ABSOLUTE TUNE!
10. What is at the top of your wishlist right now?
 Now if we are talking fantasy wish list here where I won the lottery the thing that would be right at the top would be a Mulberry medium Lily bag in Oatmeal Micrograin Calf. Mulberry’s are such a classic and ever-lasting bag and if you have the money is definitely worth it considering the quality and timeless style, also I do have an obsession with chain detail. Now all I need is the winning lottery ticket is that so much to ask?
11. What is your ultimate dream?
For me and my family to be happy, healthy and not have money worries but that is wishful thinking and that is not realistic life. A career dream of mine though is to be an Editor of a fashion magazine; I just need to work my way up from the bottom to the top with a hell lot of hard work!
          My questions for the bloggers I've tagged, I can't wait to read their answers!
1.       Who is your style icon?
2.       How would you describe your style?
3.       What is your favourite item of jewellery that you own?
4.       Why did you decide to make a blog?
5.       Where did the inspiration come from for your blog name?
6.       Where would you love to shop most in the world?
7.       Favourite food?
8.       What do you opt for mostly a small clutch bag or large bag?
9.       Dream job?
10.   Describe your perfect outfit!
11.   One item of clothing you couldn’t live without?
 Here's a list of who I tag, take a look a their lovely blogs.
Hannah from A Red Lip Never Dates  
Jenna from Jenna Barbara
Lilyanna from lilyanna-turner
Holly from Holls Lucy
Martha from The Think Pink
Deborah & Christine from The Hooligoon
Jenna from Jenna Nicholls
Jenna from The Lovely Life
           Juliana from Excessorise
Shannon from Why So Stylish?


Sunday, 30 June 2013

Death of GFC

To make Monday's even worse tomorrow is the end of Google Reader. It's an absolute gonner and to be honest I'm not that happy about this but don't worry guys we still get to read up on our favourite blogs on Bloglovin. Thank God! So if it's the last thing you do today please follow my blog on Bloglovin, just click that boob on the Bloglovin illustration (I still don't know why there is a boob exposed haha!) If Bloglovin isn't your kind of thing then add me to your circles on google and or follow me by email. Whatever your social fancy really!
I hope you make the change with me I don't want to loose all you lovelies so make the step with me today and lets get our Bloglovin thang on!


Thursday, 27 June 2013

Company Blogging Forum 2013

Leather Jacket: PRIMARK
Top: H&M
Trousers: FOREVER 21
Necklace: TOPSHOP

As I am an avid reader of Company Magazine and literally get so excited for the drop of the magazine on my front door mat every month I decided to quickly grab myself a ticket to Company's Blogging Forum held at Kings College London.
I've been blogging for quite a few months now but still haven't quite mastered it and I thought whats better than actually being advised by the professionals in the industry into help making my blog better. My answer to that is absolutely nothing. With a panel consisting of Editor of Company Magazine Victoria White, Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble aka Style Bubble, Rhannion blogger for Fashion Rocks my Socks, Rox from Boohoo, Krista from Handpicked Media and Sally from Oh my Love I was definitely in for some good advice.
On arrival I was a nervous wreck considering I was by myself and thought I was going to be late after trekking it round London Bridge asking anybody and everybody where the hell the college was ( I even followed some girl because she looked fashionable and thought she might be going there too and turns out she did haha.) Nerves quickly went away when I started talking to the lovely blogger Siobhan from Ireland. We both quickly nabbed ourselves a glass of rose and wondered around the room looking at all the other eager bloggers (it was so lovely being in a room where everybody shares an interest in something and is keen to learn more.) Me and Siobhan didn't get to stand around for long before we met the lovely Natalie from Company Magazine and were whisked away outside to be shot for Company Street Style. The Fashion Team were so lovely and down to earth and me and one of the ladies even shared a common interest in buckled healed sandals. (We shared the blister stories too as we both had plasters at the ready.)

After the meet and great we entered the lecture theatre for an inspirational talk and a fab goodie bag topped off the excitement. Goodie bag exploring over and lusting over our Alice Temperly Filofax's , such wise words floated around the room and made me so eager to make my blog even better. It really helped me have someone who is actually in the industry tell me the best ways to blog, I know it seems like common sense with somethings but so many mistakes can be made and it has really helped me and given me confidence in my blogging.

Something that really stood out to me was from Sally for Oh My Love London "it's not necessarily about your follower numbers, it's more about how engaged your followers are". I may not have an amazing following but I hope that you enjoy my long rambles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Overall, it was a great night and even better that I got to personally meet Susie Lau who is such a great inspiration to me with my writing and journalistic skills.

Thank you Company magazine for supporting bloggers so much, you give so many opportunities to help people aspiring to thrive in the industry and it doesn't go unnoticed and thank you again for an amazing night. I better go get my blog on now haha!

Check out my Company Street Style photo here


Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cagecity Internship

 Top: H&M
Trousers: H&M
Necklace: BONNIE & CLYDE
Sandals: PRIMARK

Top: H&M
Necklace: BONNIE & CLYDE
Sandals: PRIMARK
Another two days at CAGECITY, another two outfits. Here is what I wore this week. I've been completely mixed up this week regarding weather and fashion what with the muggy weather we've been having. Exposing my ghostly pale legs was too much considering the forecast rain so I decided to don a pair of my summer trousers. I love these trousers, I bought them last year from H&M and I say they are my summer trousers but you can catch me wearing them in the winter with a thick black jumper. They are just so easy to wear especially paired with a plain top, they simply do the styling for you what with there bold floral print.

Even more grey clouds in the morning yesterday called for another fashion meltdown. Clothes everywhere, hot flushes were in fall swing but I finally just pulled on my trusty pair of high waisted black skinny jeans from Dorothy Perkins and my stripy monochrome t-shirt from H&M. Comfort at it's finest. Also I wore the same sandals on both days as they are literally my style savours at the moment, they are my white strap and buckled sandals from Primark, nothing sounds better then a Primark style bargain does it. Sometimes sandals really rub my feet or break, being Primark ones too I thought they most definitely would but I can honestly say that these sandals are rub free and seem to be very sturdy considering I wear them 24/7.
Enough about my outfits and moving into the serious business of work. Again this week at CAGECITY I've been in contact with some great bloggers which we are looking to collaborate with I can't wait to meet them they seem so lovely. Also I have been tweeting my little ass off and blogging blogging blogging. Check out my latest posts here for CAGECITY: end of exam style saviours and some Friday loving.
I have got to say if you are desperate for the killer unique post exam party dress I would definitely recommend this Finders Keepers 'You sent me T-shirt Dress' I've had my eye on it for far too long and it just teases me in the office with it's beautifulness.
Hope you've all had a great week and will have an even better weekend.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Birthday Celebrations

On Thursday it was my 19th birthday and after working so much lately it was lovely to have a few days break to just chill with my family, boyfriend and friends. Cliche I know but it was lovely. On my birthday me and the boy went to Las Iguanas, after such a lovely trip there a few weeks back I had to take him to experience also and making it just in time before Happy Hour finished the cocktail pitchers went down a treat too before we moved upstairs into the restaurant. If you are heading there anytime soon I would definitely recommend the Mango Collins if you're looking for a tropical burst in your drink. A night of giggles, good food and drink it was definitely a birthday to remember. On the night I decided to wear to my new Forever 21 outfit and Topshop blazer. I've been looking for black trousers with a white stripe down them for ages- the H&M were an awkward size but likely routing around in the Forever 21 sale I grabbed a bargain and the orange top paired with it turns a simple monochrome outfit into something much more summery. Oh and I couldn't help but sport my River Island heeled sandals too for that dressy/ casual approach to my evening attire.
Friday night was a complete switch, I dolled myself up in Zara floral dress, hair in rollers, fake eyelashes and tan, the lot, throw in my best friends and it was a great night out in London. After a complete drama at Vodka Revolutions Leadenhall ( I would advise everyone not to go here, unless you can deal with rude bouncers and false advertisements) we headed for Light Bar which is situated near Liverpool Street. Way too dressed up for the bar but when the drinks came a flowing and the dance moves were busted out I could have been wearing a bin liner and I would have still had a great time oh I danced the night away to house music. I would definitely recommend this bar to anyone who is looking for a relaxed but fun night out. If you just want to chill with your mates you can sit downstairs but if your bones start to jig and you are coming so intoxicated that your dance moves are starting to resemble your Dads then head upstairs to party the night away.

So here's a few snaps of my birthday celebrations, thank you for everyone who joined me on them.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Cagecity Internship

Sorry for the late post regarding my internship diary with Cagecity its been a busy week what with my birthday celebrations and the recovery process of it haha. It was a short week for me at Cagecity as I worked from home on one of my days. I spent my two days at Cagecity researching for bloggers again and emailing various ones.
At Cagecity we are soon to be starting our blogger collaboration, we are selecting amazing London bloggers to come and be featured in our clothing. They will get the chance to have a photo shoot and style themselves head to toe in Cagecity and then be featured on our blog. Sounds fun doesn't it? Having been in contact with some brilliant bloggers I can't wait to meet them. I've found some truly inspirational blogs lately and it is just making me strive to make mine better. I may not have an amazing camera, I'm a dreadful model but I am driven to make my blog the best it can be, even if that does mean I've got to teach myself some modelling techniques haha, maybe I'll be Britain's Next Top Model when I get to the end of this (Elle Macpherson prepare yourself). One thing is for sure though, after seeing some exceptional photography skills money is already entering into my savings account as I am starting to save for an SLR camera. Does anybody have any suggestions of what one to get? Preferably ones that don't break my bank account I am student after all.
If you are a London blogger though and wish to collaborate with Cagecity then email me at and we are still accepting affiliates so also contact me at that email too.
Blogging discussion over and moving onto my outfit, what with the typical British weather we've been having this past week (sorry I thought it was June obviously the weather didn't get that memo) I decided to wear my new Aztec jumper I bought off Ebay. It was such a brilliant find and even better for only £11. I adore the colours on it and it is very light weight so I don't feel like I'm dressing up for winter. Pairing it with black jeans I opted for the casual look this week and
putting on my new £4 gold necklace for a touch of structure and uniqueness to my look I felt like the bargain style Queen. As for my second day that was spent on my sofa in PJ's blasting Kisstory and scrolling the Internet researching.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Eeny Meenie Miney Mo Ltd

Stuck for ideas on what to buy your friends for their baby showers? Or just bored of dressing your kid in clothes the same as their friends? Then head over to Eeny Meenie Miney Mo Ltd Baby and Children's Boutique and Toy Shop situated on Ongar high street Essex.
 Make the most of your children's childhood and spoil them with beautiful clothing and toys. We all know having children puts a strain on your finances but don't be scared, Eeny Meenie Miney Mo offers a range of items from £2.50 with nothing over £45 so your kid can be a young trendsetter without tarnishing your bank balance. What's better is that they are the only UK distributors of Australian brand Bebe Baby so you are offered exclusive products without feeling like your debit card is going to be cut off.
Are the long queues in high street shops getting you down? Does everything seem a bit too generic? Then why not treat yourself and your child to bespoke goods- handmade hair wear, bags and baskets so your kid doesn't have to look like every other one on the block. The two lovely friends and owners Natalie and Carla offer you a different and special shopping experience that you can treasure just like you treasure your children's childhood. With products ranging from newborn to ten years old with whatever occasion in your child's life they've got it covered. 
 Don't live near Ongar but are desperate to get your hands on these beautiful items that are bought from all around the world including Australia, Canada and America then there is no need to worry just head over to their newly launched website to snap up those special buys. From wooden early learning toys to teddy bears to children's skincare products Eeny Meenie Miney Mo Ltd have got those treats for you.
Even if you don't have a child you can still grab a slice of what this boutique offers as they stock beautiful cards ranging from engagements to birthdays.
So head down to Eeny Meenie Miney Mo for that unique shopping trip that we definitely put a smile on your child's face.



Friday, 7 June 2013

Cagecity Internship

Just another two days at Cagecity and what brilliant two days they have been, I've been blogging, researching and blogging a bit more and boy do I love it. I've been in contact with some wicked bloggers and have been so inspired by some of them.
Here's what I've been wearing to work and because we've been blessed by the sun it had to happen at some point this year my legs are actually out. Pasty I know, some fake tan may be in order but who cares because the sun is shining and I'm donning my new shades like the summer baby I am no one can wipe the smile off my face. I say this but on my way home from work last night I got stuck in the train doors. Now there is no way you can style yourself out of that one because I turned into some helpless mess while about ten struggled to open the doors for me. Think that has to go down in history as one of my most embarrassing moments. So too all you interns out there who are trekking it on the train a word of warning to you train doors wait for no one and the bloody hurt when they trap you.
Transport for London hate over and back to Cagecity if any of you lovely fashion bloggers wish to be an affiliate for Cagecity contact for more details and don't forget to check out Cagecity's Love Friday post
Have a great weekend chicks will you be raving or behaving?
Denim Dress: PRIMARK
T-shirt: ASOS
Sandals: PRIMARK
Sunglasses: PRIMARK

Shirt: H&M
Skirt: H&M
Flatforms: PRIMARK
Sunglasses: PRIMARK

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

House of Halo's

Last night after not seeing some of my university girls for what seems like ages we headed down to The Bloggers Love House of Halo's event at The Penthouse Leicester Square. This being my first bloggers event I didn't know what to expect, but greeted by friendly faces, exquisite accessories and breath taking London views I couldn't have been happier, not to mention the free bar, Dermalogica gifts sets and nail bar that definitely did not go a miss.
Arlene Barclay, the face behind House of Halo's is known as the only hair accessory designer that is striving to supply the fashion industry with couture hair accessories that appear as art. Emeli Sande was quick to notice this and was honoured to wear her own handcrafted House of Halos' necklaces and now Barclay is seeking an investor to launch the brand worldwide.
Moving back to the event, there were various tables scattered around the room with jewel encrusted crowns, beaded necklaces and hair accessories, I had serious accessory envy- the craftsmanship was excellent from Barclay. I only wish Barclay was around to mingle with the bloggers and discuss her beautiful designs but we did get to see her walk proudly out after the fashion show of the various accessories.
Feeling very patriarchal with the royal jewelled crowns on show, the event boasted elegance and uniqueness with the hand-crafted accessories, the detail of every item is so dainty you can tell Barclay slaves over these and it is definitely worth it.
Head over to House of Halo's official site to witness for yourself Barclay beautiful creations.