Thursday, 7 March 2013

Summer 2013

Today marks my 7th week of being ill and 2 months without any alcohol whatsoever. I've watched my friends go out and party and I've seen many drunken videos that they probably wished were not on Facebook but they gave me a good laugh. Being ill is very depressive and this weather doesn't particularly help matters even the glimpse of sun we got the other day, I think I stood out in it for a matter of a minute while I walked from my mum's car to the doctors and back. So while I sit here thinking am I ever going to get better ( I know I'm being a bit over-dramatic here but seriously come on now I've been ill for ages) all that’s getting me through these next few months is the thought of Benicassim festival with my girls especially because missed out on so much with them while I've been ill.
Now I've always loved the idea of festivals but it’s the British weather that puts me off of them. I'm one of those people who likes to be able to wash and not be covered head to toe shivering and living in a swamp of mud. But a festival that offers the Spanish sun, cocktails, sea and music I'm there and my tents already popped up. I can't wait for July to jet off to Barcelona and dance to Azealia Banks on the beach with flowers in my hair. This is definitely going to be a different experience from my last holiday in Zante, instead of flowers in my hair I had a concoction of various alcohols, paint and sea water.
Despite feeling very emotional and depressed at the moment the thought of Benicassim Festival always manages to put a smile on my face and to put an even bigger smile on my face, yesterday I ordered my first bikini for the summer which is making me even more excited. The classic black colour and fringe detail makes it easily wearable for daytime look as I parade around the Spanish sunshine and hopefully catch a tan. Well they do say the colour black attracts the sun, so hopefully I'll come home looking like a golden goddess instead of a drenched, mud stained tramp like I would do if I was staying in England.