Sunday, 30 September 2012

Fresher's ball


What with fresher's ending I thought why not end with elegance, bear in mind I started off with pink hot pants and flowers in my hair.
Having been called the Essex girl all week and people telling me I sound like Stacey Soloman I thought I would bring out my so called Essex style (it felt good to wear heels and a seductive dress.)
Nevertheless, when I walked into the club, head held high with curls I realised my friends and I were the most dressed up (WELL THEY DID CALL IT A BALL.) Despite looking out of place I'm glad I got to wear this dress again and it taught me that it’s good to be different and that being out of place isn't bad, it is what makes you individual and that everyone interprets situations differently, maybe everyone else just didn't realise what was meant by the word BALL or I just got way too excited about a formal night.

Hope you all enjoyed your first couple of weeks at University. Is anyone feeling homesick yet?


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

It's a fresher thing...

Necklace: Topshop
Top: Topshop
Skirt: New look
Bracelett: Primark

Recently I have had a major obsession for dip hem skirts and even though my stomach what with the summer has become very un-toned the mid-drift has become a very key trend lately. Nonetheless, trends do irritate me at times, nonetheless it’s a way that people can capture the essence of the catwalk and it’s a way of brands and shops being able to merchandise their clothes.
Lately I have become very influenced by the laid back hippy style and Aztec style and this necklace which only cost me £2 in the Topshop sale allowed me to channel the Aztec vibe. This necklace has been my god send since I bought it in the summer, I wear it with basically everything, it allows me to make my clothes versatile and can change a basic outfit into a more interesting style. Also the combination of my outfit was a desperate attempt to cling onto the summer, however perhaps I should have taken a reality check before having to stand out in the freezing cold waiting for a taxi.
To any fresher’s out there what did you wear for your first night of fresher’s?

Street Speak

It's been a hectic week and a half of moving from Essex to Epsom, there's no more fake tan insight, unless it’s on me, no more super enhanced features and definitely no handbag sized dogs trailing along the streets. Instead the streets are filled with the creativity and quirky looks of art students and dancers.
After a few tearful days settling in and getting use to the student way of life which accounts for Sainsbury’s basic food and choosing whether or not a bottle of vodka is essential over food the first year students visited the cinema to watch Bill Cunningham New York: A film by Richard Press.
The film documents the inspirational life of photographer Bill Cunningham as he darts around the streets on his bicycle snapping at the style which catches his eye. Nonetheless, he is not the confrontational fashion photographer attacking the latest celebrity; instead he captures beautifully dressed women in a more evasive way. He believes fashion to be "mirroring our times" and is a vital concept in our way of living, he sees the street as a catwalk and that it speaks to him, it gives him the answers that catwalk shows don't.
Cunningham is an unassuming man who prefers not to take money from his work and lives in a cramped flat. He sees his work as pleasure and this is why he has become legendary, even Anna Wintour said Cunningham is the person she gets dressed for.
After watching this documentary I felt inspired by the beauty and individualistic style of the street, it’s something that no fashion show can create. Even though the world is becoming more and more similar and people are becoming complacent and would not dare to step outside drab office clothes or lazy pj's but if you open your eyes and actually view the creativity of the street you'll realize the abundance of personalities in the world and everybody has their little box of style.