Thursday, 27 June 2013

Company Blogging Forum 2013

Leather Jacket: PRIMARK
Top: H&M
Trousers: FOREVER 21
Necklace: TOPSHOP

As I am an avid reader of Company Magazine and literally get so excited for the drop of the magazine on my front door mat every month I decided to quickly grab myself a ticket to Company's Blogging Forum held at Kings College London.
I've been blogging for quite a few months now but still haven't quite mastered it and I thought whats better than actually being advised by the professionals in the industry into help making my blog better. My answer to that is absolutely nothing. With a panel consisting of Editor of Company Magazine Victoria White, Susie Lau aka Susie Bubble aka Style Bubble, Rhannion blogger for Fashion Rocks my Socks, Rox from Boohoo, Krista from Handpicked Media and Sally from Oh my Love I was definitely in for some good advice.
On arrival I was a nervous wreck considering I was by myself and thought I was going to be late after trekking it round London Bridge asking anybody and everybody where the hell the college was ( I even followed some girl because she looked fashionable and thought she might be going there too and turns out she did haha.) Nerves quickly went away when I started talking to the lovely blogger Siobhan from Ireland. We both quickly nabbed ourselves a glass of rose and wondered around the room looking at all the other eager bloggers (it was so lovely being in a room where everybody shares an interest in something and is keen to learn more.) Me and Siobhan didn't get to stand around for long before we met the lovely Natalie from Company Magazine and were whisked away outside to be shot for Company Street Style. The Fashion Team were so lovely and down to earth and me and one of the ladies even shared a common interest in buckled healed sandals. (We shared the blister stories too as we both had plasters at the ready.)

After the meet and great we entered the lecture theatre for an inspirational talk and a fab goodie bag topped off the excitement. Goodie bag exploring over and lusting over our Alice Temperly Filofax's , such wise words floated around the room and made me so eager to make my blog even better. It really helped me have someone who is actually in the industry tell me the best ways to blog, I know it seems like common sense with somethings but so many mistakes can be made and it has really helped me and given me confidence in my blogging.

Something that really stood out to me was from Sally for Oh My Love London "it's not necessarily about your follower numbers, it's more about how engaged your followers are". I may not have an amazing following but I hope that you enjoy my long rambles as much as I enjoy writing them.

Overall, it was a great night and even better that I got to personally meet Susie Lau who is such a great inspiration to me with my writing and journalistic skills.

Thank you Company magazine for supporting bloggers so much, you give so many opportunities to help people aspiring to thrive in the industry and it doesn't go unnoticed and thank you again for an amazing night. I better go get my blog on now haha!

Check out my Company Street Style photo here



  1. Such an interesting read, I think I will go and visit the next company blogging forum!

    1. Awh thank you, it's a really good night I would definitely recommend it!

      Elizabeth x