Sunday, 28 July 2013

Cagecity Internship

After weeks of emailing and speaking to various very talented bloggers for CAGECITY finally the time came for our Sunday Shoot. With the big re-launch of Handmade garments happening at CAGECITY and all things new this has been the most exciting time at work especially with our new bloggers feature.
Today six lovely blogging ladies joined the CAGECITY gang for a day of style, photos and plenty of food and one heck of a rum punch. You know you've got some serious fashion girls when you go to meet them and see them lugging case loads of accessories up the stairs.
After so much preparation for this day it was so lovely to see it in action and to put faces to the bloggers I have followed for ages. All the girls had such unique style and it was very inspiring to see their take on some of CAGECITY'S much loved pieces and fresh new garments.
The day was very chilled and stylish with mounds of clothes and endless accessories but overall it was so lovely to see the bloggers have such enthusiasm for CAGECITY.
Thank you so much for coming girls me and the CAGECITY team loved you all, now I can't wait to get started on working on the feature.
Helena - Bell's Fashion
Sara - Waiste